Employee Recognition

“My world is brighter and more beautiful because of you. Thank you.”

Sincere note of thanks never grow old or go out of fashion. Do they?

We believe they don’t. At Neuropex, we say a thank you very often as we believe that it is a Recognition, that is essentially positive feedback that lets our people know that they are doing great, they are valued and appreciated. To get to recognize one of our own is a special feeling and is a opportunity to acknowledge the unique contribution or the value of expertise and experience.

Other than the ideology of learning from each other and thanking each other for the contributions on a day today basis, We have a formal Rewards and Recognition system in place at Neuropex.

We try acknowledging even small successes by capturing the moment on a “Thank You” card and facilitating the concerned person in front of his colleagues by handing over his card like a certificate to him. The person cherishes this moment for a long time by pasting this card on his soft board.

The respect, gratitude and admiration is expressed regularly through a host of simple gestures and a gamut of awards across the year. We acknowledge the good work as often as every day, monthly and yearly vide various events. We express and recognize with

It’s a privilege to be surrounded by people who conduct their personal and professional lives in a way that it inspires and motivates.

Thank you to each one of us for making Neuropex that it is, today.